Who We Are

Since 1989

Christian Therapy Services is a professional counseling service that is dedicated to helping individuals and couples move through the problems of life toward greater emotional and spiritual health. In a Christian atmosphere of warmth and caring, we help our clients develop new skills, tools and strategies for dealing with life’s challenges.


We provide meaning, hope, guidance, and direction using proven and specific strategies that directly address the problems you are facing.


We assist couples as they address the problems and issues that naturally arise in their interpersonal interactions. We offer tools and strategies to improve communication, collaboration, and problem solving. We help couples to identify dysfunctional patterns and to develop healthier approaches.

Group Therapy

We offer seasonal group therapies that focus on various topics to best meet the needs of the community.

Our Ministry

Christian Therapy Services is dedicated to helping the members of our community to find the resources necessary to bring change to peoples lives. At Christian Therapy Services, we are committed to utilizing the most effective professional tools and therapies currently available, while maintaining a commitment to Biblical principles.

Christian Therapy Services is excited to share personal spiritual insights with you. Whether it is a journaling prompt or a worship song, we want to help you grow spiritually utilizing non-conventional tools. We believe through daily spiritual disciplines, the reward is getting to know our Lord better, deeper, more intimately.